May 11

Can the Innovation Act’s Fee Shifting Slay the Patent Trolls?

by Alex Lee, Penn Law ’17

By now, we’ve all heard the media recount the story of the patent troll.  Patent trolls, or non-practice entities (NPE’s), are typically companies that don’t make products, but instead operate by licensing and enforcing patent rights against accused infringers.  Since an NPE’s success hinges on its ability to draw profits from litigation and licensing fees, its incentives for filing claims and threatening infringement suits often do not mirror those of companies who are trying to protect their products on the market.  Figures from United Patents, an organization whose goal is to reduce NPE litigation, report that 61% of all patent cases in 2014 involved NPE’s.  Because litigating these suits costs billions of dollars on the economy each year, many organizations across industries and government see these suits as frivolous and burdensome on innovation.  As a result, they are clamoring for changes to the system.

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Apr 17

So You Want to Be a Federal Judge?

An Inside Look with Judge O’Malley & Judge Taranto of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Wednesday, April 22, 12:00-1:15 PM
Levy Conference Center

Judges Poster

Mar 23

PIPG Symposium 2015 – Gallery

Collision Course: design patents and the convergence of existing intellectual property regimes

March 19, 2015

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Mar 23

For KFC’s New Edible Coffee Cup, the IP Rights are Worth Chewing Over

by Thomas Chisena, Penn Law ’16

KFC image

Photo: KFC.

Last month, beloved fast-food restaurant KFC announced that they are unveiling a new product – edible coffee cups, which are set to make their debut in the U.K. this summer.  This new innovation, dubbed the “Scoff-ee” cup, was the brainchild of KFC and British “food futurologists,” the Robin Collective.  According to KFC’s press release, the cup is formed from a special cookie coated with a paper sugar, and lined with a layer of heat-resistant white chocolate.  The white chocolate prevents the cookie from getting soggy and the cup from dissolving.  As you sip and savor the coffee, the white chocolate lining slowly melts and adds flavor.  Even better – these cups are not just delicious, but are also aromatic.  The cups are infused with fragrances of coconut sunscreen, flowers, and freshly cut grass.  KFC claims the scents are designed to “evoke the positive memories we associate with warm weather, sunshine and summer holidays.”

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Mar 17

Penn Law IP Symposium 2015: Design Patents

PIPG invites you to its 2015 Symposium on Thursday, March 19. This year we focus on the mysterious world of design patents. These under-appreciated property rights protect new and nonobvious ornamental designs. But their subject-matter overlap with utility patent, trade dress and copyright has created a mongrel body of law — sowing confusion for attorneys and designers alike.

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Feb 08

Beverages & Cheese #3

Love cheese? Love hearing about Intellectual Property from your fellow classmates? Come to PIPG Beverages & Cheese #3. Listen and be informed on the newest and most interesting aspects of Copyright, Trademark, and Patent Law.

When: Wednesday, February 11 @ 4:45 pm

Where: Silverman 280

Dec 08

Trademark Tips for Naming Your Start-up

By Dmitriy Molchanov and Jeffrey Bashara, Penn Law ’17

Whether you want to launch an app, a social startup, or a traditional storefront business, being aware of trademark issues at play will be crucial to protecting and growing your brand. Here, we focus on one of the earliest considerations:  choosing a name.

Conducting a thorough search, being deliberate, and picking an appropriate timing strategy are crucial.  Don’t just take our word for it – read the cautionary tales below.  Heavy hitters in technology, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals – as well as smaller online businesses – have all learned the hard way.

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Dec 01

Does the Decision in Alice Leave Software Patents in Wonderland?

By Alex Lee, Penn Law ’17


Suppose I create a new computer program that gathers all the data on the personal computer of every student at Penn and uses a highly accurate matchmaking algorithm to pair students with their ideal Penn mate.  I call it “PENNty of Fish.”  For PENNty of Fish to work, students install the program on their personal computer, run the program, and discover their perfect match.  Privacy and creepiness issues aside – is PENNty of Fish patentable?  The recent Supreme Court decision in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank Int’l provided some guidance, but left many questions unanswered.


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Nov 09

Beverages & Cheese: Act #2

Love cheese? Love hearing about Intellectual Property from your fellow classmates? Come to PIPG Beverages & Cheese #2. Listen and be informed on the newest and most interesting aspects of Copyright, Trademark, and Patent Law.

When: Thursday, November 13 @ 4:30 pm
Where: Silverman 240B

Nov 09

1L Summer Jobs Panel

Interested in Intellectual Property? Come listen to 2Ls and 3Ls describe the search for the “perfect” IP-focused 1L summer job.

When: Wednesday, November 12 @ 12:00 pm
Where: Silverman 240A

Lunch will be provided!

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